Trimec Industries is an ISO9001:2008 quality certified company specializing in the design and manufacture of a range of oval gear, insertion, turbine and impeller flow meters, ancillary flow hardware and dedicated electronic flow instrumentation. Accurate turbine flow at a competitive price- Hanang can help you!

Batch Controller

Highly accurate gear flowmeter for your batching process

Ecobatch System

Specifically packaged as an installation-ready metering assembly

Multipulse Gear

Used for flowrate measurement in flow monitoring and control applications and for totalising in dispensing and batching

DualPulse Paddlewheel

Innovative design to provide a cost effective and simple means of measuring the flow of water and a wide variety of low viscosity liquids.


Simple and easy to use digital totaliser with local display


Precise, reliable and robust units for the volumentric flow measurement of clean low viscosity liquids.

Utility Flow Meter

Specifically engineered for liquid transfer applications in industrial & mining sites and refuelling installations