Hawk is a world leader in level, positioning and flow measurement, providing cutting edge equipment to the global industrial market. Hawk has 30 years of experience and provides industry-leading technology and cost effective solutions.

The company's production factory and head office is located in Melbourne, Australia. The facility provides efficient production as well as research and development activities. The company designs and manufactures its own products and has developed an efficient production process to minimize its environmental impacts. Hawk and Hanang will solve your level problems!

Sultan Level

Innovative self-cleaning, non contact level measurement for accuracy in difficult conditions

Sultan flow

Accurate non-contact level measurement for open channel situations

Sultan Positioning

Innovative collision avoidance instrument used widely in ports and mining industry

Fibre Optic System

World-first gas pipe leak detection using fibre optic mechanism. Truly game-changing solution for remote piping asset management

Orca Sonar

For bed level detection. Highly innovative solution for sewage and waste water industry

Gladiator Microwave Switch

Non-contact level switch for your solid and liquid needs. Highly suitable for challenging conditions

Vibration switch

Robust stainless steel extension and high sensitivity, is widely used in storage silos and process vessels.

Rotation switch

Reliable instrumentation for your solid level detection.