Thyristors HM2-2PH

Thyristors HM2-2PH

-         THYRISTORS HM2-2PH has been specifically designed to be an Universal Unit.

-         RS485 Comm. MODBUS Protocol Standard.

-         Frontal Key Pad to configure the unit and to read V, I and Power.

-         Configurablity via RS485, USB Port and frontal Key Pad.

-         Microprocessor based electronic circuit fully isolated from power.

-         Universal input signal: RS485,Pot, Analog and SSR.

-         Firing Mode: Zero Crossing and Burst Firing Mode with programmable cycle time.

-         Configurable Control Mode: V and VxI.

-         Heather Break alarm to diagnose partial or total load failure and Thyristor Short circuit.

-         Digital input configurable.

-         Fuse and Fuse Holder Standard.

-         Current transformer integrated in Fuse Holder.

-         Comply with EMC, cUL pending.

-         IP20 Protection.

-         DIN RAIL mounting.



Thyristor HM2-2PH Datasheet