Thyristors HE3-3PH

Thyristors HE3-3PH

THYRISTORS HE3-3PH is a full digital and universal Thyristor unit based on a very powerful dedicated micro configurable via serial communication port for all inputs, firing modes, control modes and loads types. Suitable to drive resistive, inductive, transformer and complex loads requiring current limit and power feedback.

-         Internal Key Pad to control the unit and to read power, current and voltage value.

-         Universal Input signal with automatic zero/span calibration.

-         Universal Firing modes, customer configurable via Rs485 comm. as Burst Firing, Single Cycle and Phase Angle.

-         Universal Control Mode.

-         Soft Start can be used in addition to Burst Firing.

-         Unbalanced load and Heater Break Alarm.

-         RS 485 port. Modbus protocol. Internal fuses are standard on THYRISTORS HE3-3PH.

-         Comply with EMC and IP20 Protection.


Technical Specifications:

Operating Temperature 0+40°C above this temperature see derating
Voltage Power supply Range 330V to 480V, 600V on request.
Auxiliary Voltage Supply 90÷265V; 20VA power consumption. Fan 
voltage supply: 230V ±15% as a standard 
and 110V on request.
Analog Input 1 Primary reference,
Current Input 4÷20mA, 500 Ohm,
Voltage Input 0÷10V, 40 KOhm
Potentiometer input 10K min.
Analog Input 2  External Current Limit Set, analog input to
set the current limit value: 0-10V.
Analog Ouput  n. 1 analog output 0÷10V or 4÷20 mA, to
retransmit One of this value Current, Voltage
or Power used as control mode.
Digital Input Four optoisalated digital input (12=24Vdc), 
Digital Output Two optoisolated digital output 12Vdc.
Relay Output  Critical alarm.
Universal Firing  One of these firing modes can be configured 
Burst Firing BF, Single Cycles SC, Soft 
Start + Burst Firing;
Soft Start + Phase Angle S+PA and Delayed 
Soft Start  Digital adjustable ramp rate can be used.
Control Mode Voltage (V) Current (I), Power (VxI) and
External Control Mode.
Heater Break Alarm  Circuit microprocessor based to diagnose
partial or total load failure and short circuit 
on Thyristors.
Unbalanced load This protection allow to have HE3-3PH working 
up to 20% of unbalance on one of phases.
Communication RS485 Port. Modbus communication protocol 
9600 or 19200 bauds.
Thermal Protection Available on forced ventilated units.
Fuses Hight speed fuses fitted internally.
Mounting Panel mounting.
Protection IP20.



Thyristor HE3-3PH Datasheet