DCP200 Digital Controller Programmer

DCP200 Digital Controller Programmer

The DCP200 with a graphic/text LCD display is an affordable temperature and process controller with advanced functionality including profiling and datalogging options. Designed to improve user efficiency many features are integrated to reduce commissioning time, simplify operation and minimise maintenance downtime. The LCD screen on DCP200 displays real-text messages, removing ambiguity that can be caused by mnemonic codes on LED displays used in many products. Information is displayed in a logical format to be easily understood, hence reducing the risk of errors. User screens are only displayed as each function is enabled; creating an optimised menu structure that is simpler to navigate. Access to specific settings and parameters can also be restricted by assigning them to password protected supervisor and configuration parameter access levels. The process of configuring the DCP200 is simplified as a setup wizard runs on first power-up. The user is guided step-bystep through the common parameter settings to quickly program the unit. These settings can be saved on a memory stick via the USB port and can be used for reconfiguration or to program other DCP200 units. BlueControl software can be used for on and off-line configuration. Flexible input and output option boards mean that the controller can be selected to precisely match an application. Universal process input (Thermocouple, PT100 & linear DC), digital inputs, remote setpoint inputs, RS485 and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) comms and up to nine outputs (relay, SSR driver, triac, linear DC and 24V transmitter PSU) are all available. The profiling function supports 255 segments for use in up to 64 profiles; segments supported are ramp, dwell, hold, loop, jump to profile. Profile control is possible from the controller, remote input or timed via the integral real time clock. There is an increasing requirement to log process data for quality control purposes. The optional datalogging feature is a low cost method of recording historical data for exporting to a .CSV file.



-         ¼ DIN Format

-         Graphical / text LCD Display (red/green)

-         Set Point Profiling capability

-         Datalogging option (data, alarms & events)

-         Multi-language capability

-         Configurable user-menu structure

-         Modbus RS485 and Modbus TCP Ethernet supported

-         USB option

-         CE, UL and cUL


HMI Display

-         Graphic display - Easy to read backlit LCD display With text capabilities (160 x 80 pixels)

-         Dual colour screen backlight (green / red). Colour can be set to change on alarm.

-         Multi-language capability (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian)

-         Custom splash-screen on startup (bitmap file)

-         Alarm status view

-         On screen trend view

-         LEDs to indicate heat, cool, autotuning and alarm


User operation and control

-         Easy setup wizard for quick configuration. (inputs, alarms, outputs, comms & real-time clock)

-         Universal input for thermocouple, RTDs and linear DC process signals (mA, mV or V)

-         Flexible output options, relay, ssd driver, triac & Linear DC (9 max). Select to precisely match the process.

-         Digital input (2 max) for setpoint selection, profile control, datalogging start/stop, control output enable/disable or auto/manual control

-         Configurable menus (via BlueControl software) USB port for local upload/download of configuration files & download logged data

-         Password protected supervisor and configuration mode

-         Pre-tune and self-tune function

-         Master-slave configuration for multi-zone applications


Profiling function

-       255 segments to allocate freely in up to 64 programs

-       Ramp, dwell, hold, loop or jump to other profile

-       User defined text profile names

-       Delayed or real-time day/time profile start

-       Up to 5 event outputs


Datalogging Function (option)

-       Historic process data for analysis or reporting

-       Export data files via front USB or comms

-       Log process values, setpoints or alarms

-       (including min, max & ave)

-       Run-then-stop or FIFO (first in – first out) buffer recording

-       Logging intervals from 1s to 30m




DCP200 Datasheet