IPC1100 Programmer (Touch Screen)

IPC1100 Programmer (Touch Screen)

titleTemperature/Humidity Programmer

The IPC1100 is a high-funtional single/dual loop programmer operated by 5.7” LCD monitors and retains all the functionality and reliability. This programmer is specially designed for environmental temperature and humidity control, so it is widely used in the aplications such as:

  • Environmental Test Chamber
  • Green House
  • Clean Room


Features :

  • 5.7” LCD Touch Screen. Configuration & operation will be done by touch screen on graphic LCD display.
  • 0.1% Input Accuracy. Analog inputs have typical accuracy of ±0.1% of full-scale input.
  • Control Algorithm. Special control algorithm considering the mutual influence between temperature and humidity control is loaded, so it makes an effective control performance for both temperature and humidity control.
  • 12 DIs/16 Dos. 12 points of digital inputs can be connected to non-voltage contact (relay contact) or open collector and allocated to pre-defined actions. 16 digital outputs will be available for various events (6 DOs are fixed to mode event, and 10 Dos can be defined as Time or PV Events)
  • 32 Programs, 800 segments. 32 Programs can be programmed within 100 segments for each and 800 segments in total. 10 Links are offered, and each Link can link up to 6 programs.
  • IP65 Front Face Protection. IP65 rated front face permits use in applications where it may be subjected to moisture, dust conditions.
  • Multi-Language Prompts. 3 different languages will be selected via configuration and displayed.
  • PC Configuration. A free-ware will be offered and IPC1100S/D can be configured and operated thru this software on PC.
  • Real Time Clock. IPC1100 provides accurate real time and makes it possible to schedule running operation.
  • Communication. RS-232C (standard) and RS-485 (option) communication are provided for the connection between IPC1100S/D and a host computer or PLC



IPC1100 Datasheet