UDI1700 Indicator

UDI1700 Indicator

The UDI1700 is a 1/8 DIN horizontal panel mounted digital indicator based on the same technology as the UDC1200/1700 low price controllers. The UDI1700 provides accurate indication in demanding applications and is the ideal companion to other Honeywell panel-mounted instruments.

 A large 14 mm four digit red LED display makes the UDI1700 easy to read from a distance. A separate digit for degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit is also provided. Optional alarm relays and a linear retransmission output is also available.


  • Moisture resistant front face: Meets NEMA 3/IP65 front face protection against dust and water. 
  • Universal power supply and input: Can operate on any line voltage from 90Vac to 264Vac at 50/60Hz. A low voltage 24/48Vac/dc solution is also available. All input types like thermocouples, RTDs and linear DC are configurable as standard. 
  • Flexibility and commonality: The option boards (alarm relay output, dual-alarm relay and linear output retransmission) are plug-in and autodetected for easy upgrade and low inventory. Furthermore, the unit has no jumpers. 
  • Easy visibility: A large 14 mm four-digit LED display in red makes the UDI1700 easy to read from a distance. 
  • Alarm strategy: Up to five soft alarms are available with or without remote relay action. The alarm types can be set on PV high or low. Alarm 1 can be latched and requires acknowledgment from the operator. 
  • Min. and max. indication: Maximum and minimum values attained by the process variable since the last reset are stored for further analysis. 
  • Time elapsed: The UDI1700 can also store the time elapsed since the alarm 1 became active. In combination with the above max. and min. features, it provides alarm information for more detailed analysis.  
  • Transmitter power supply: Provided as an option on output 3 is 24 Volts DC power for a two-wire transmitter.
  • Configuration: Easy and full configuration with straightforward menu via the instrument front face. 
  • PV retransmission: The linear optional output 2 can be used for PV retransmission. 
  • Communication: RS485 Modbus.



UDI1700 Datasheet