DCP300 Programmer

DCP300 Programmer

The DCP300 is a microprocessor-based 1/4 DIN controller programmer that combines high functionality, quality and reliability at a great price. It supports up to 19 program profiles with up to 30 segments per profile. A universal input accepts thermocouple signals, resistance temperature detector (RTD) signals, DC voltages and DC currents.

DCP301 is a single channel programmer with one input and one loop of control, while the DCP302 is a dual channel programmer with two inputs and two loops of control. A temperature and relative humidity calculation model is available on the DCP302.

The DCP 300 supports extensive digital I/O functions including three event outputs, five time events (optional), and up to 12 external switch inputs (eight of those are optional). Up to two auxiliary outputs can be added as options on certain models of the DCP301. The DCP302 has one optional auxiliary output available on certain models.



  • Front face Protection:  Meets NEMA 1
  • Displays:
    • Green 4-digit, 7-segment LED for PV
    • Orange 4-digit, 7-segment LED for SP and output value
    • Green 2-digit, 7-segment LED for program number
    • Green 2-digit, 7-segment LED for segment number
    • 6 Orange LEDs for program rise, soak and fall tendencies
  • Programs/Segments: A maximum of 19 program profiles can be stored and up to 30 segments can be programmed to each profile.
  • Universal Input: Accepts seven different types of thermocouples, RTDs, current and volt linear inputs. All inputs are configurable as standard.
  • Universal Power Supply: The DCP300 can operate on any line voltage from 90 Vac to 264 Vac at 50/60 Hz continuously.
  • Up to Three Outputs: The DCP300 offers three event relay outputs for PV, deviation, controller mode or other states.
  • Event Strategy: Five time events (optional) of open collector outputs are also available for indication of time events and segment number events. Two auxiliary outputs are optionally available on certain models of the DCP301, with one available on certain models of the DCP302.
  • PV Start: This function offers the possibility to define setpoint values at the start of each program.  It could be either the current controller setpoint value (LSP) or the current process variable value (PV).
  • Digital Inputs: Up to 12 external switch inputs (four standard and eight optional) allow remote selection of program number or operation.
  • Communication: An optional RS-485 communications interface provides a link between up to 32 units and a host computer through Modbus RTU protocol at up to 9600 baud.