DCP100 Digital Controller Programmer

DCP100 Digital Controller Programmer

The DCP100 is a microprocessor-based 1/4 DIN programmer/controller that combines high functionality and high quality at a very competitive price. It is ideally suited for a large number of applications to control the process variable versus time. Typical applications include heat treating, environmental chambers, sterilizers and dryers. The DCP100 provides excellent accuracy (0.25%), flexibility (plug-in options) and a simple man/machine interface. It can store up to eight programs, and each program can include up to 16 segments. The DCP100 offers the ultimate in profile flexibility and ease-of-use simplicity.



  • Moisture Resistant Front Face: Meets NEMA 3/IP65 front-face protection against dust and water.
  • Dual Display: Two four-digit displays with seven LED segments, plus an 8 x 35 dot matrix display.
  • Programs/Segments: A maximum of eight program profiles can be stored and up to 16 segments can be programmed to each profile or by joining programs up to 121 consecutive segments.
  • PC Configuration and Profile Editor: Configure the DCP100 through its internal communication port. With the profile editor, you can simply draw profiles, save them to your PC and download them to the DCP. Any programs can be labeled and the name will be displayed in the front of the DCP.
  • Universal Input: Accepts seven different types of thermocouples, RTDs, current and volt linear inputs. All inputs are configurable as standard.
  • Universal Power Supply: The DCP100 can operate on any line voltage from 90 Vac to 264 Vac at 50/60 Hz continuously. A 24/48 Vac/dc model is available as an option.
  • PC Software Tools: PC-based software is available for ease of configuration and monitoring. 
  • Up to Three Outputs: The DCP100 provides up to three outputs for time and current proportioning, duplex mode (heat/cool), PV or SP retransmission, and events. 
  • Event Strategy: Two soft event alarms on PV, deviation high/low/absolute. A special loop alarm is also provided to detect faults in the control loop by continuously analyzing the PV response to the control output. Alarm inhibit is available on power up and setpoint switching.
  • Real-Time Clock: Any program can start at a certain predetermined time on a certain day of the week.
  • Power Failure Recovery: For critical applications, the DCP100 allows you to select the response after a power failure. The restoration mode could be either a cold start (return to local setpoint) or a hot start (resume from the point where power failed).
  • Guaranteed Soak: Guaranteed soak feature allows the profile to sense if the PV is in range of the end of a ramp before starting a soak.
  • PV Start: This function offers the possibility to define setpoint values at the start of each program.  It could be either the current controller setpoint value (LSP) or the current process variable value (PV).
  • Digital Inputs: Six digital input dry contacts provide facilities for remote program selection and Run/Hold/Abort/x60 operation. 
  • Communication: An optional RS485 communications interface provides a link between up to 32 units and a host computer through Modbus RTU protocol at up to 9600 baud.



DCP100 Brochure


DCP100 Datasheet