Honeywell VersaFlow Vortex

Honeywell VersaFlow Vortex

The VersaFlow Vortex 100 is the only vortex flow meter with integrated pressure and temperature compensation in 2-wire technology. The Vortex 100 provides reliable measurement of standard volumetric and mass flow of both conductive and non-conductive liquids, gases and vapors, even with fluctuating pressures and temperatures.  VersaFlow vortex flowmeters deliver excellent long term stability due to their rugged construction.




-         0.5" to 12"  flange sizes

-         0.5"to 4" sandwich sizes

-         Integral temperature compensation

-         Integral pressure compensation

-         Compensation for saturated steam

-         2-wire technology

-         Fully welded stainless steel construction minimizes wear and corrosion



-         Vapor and saturated steam measurement

-         Steam boiler monitoring

-         Monitoring of compressor output

-         Measurement of consumption in compressed air systems

-         Measurement of consumption of industrial gases

-         SIP and CIP processes in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

-         Measurement of conductive and nonconductive liquids



-         Chemical

-         Oil & Gas

-         Power plants

-         Iron, Steel and Metal

-         Paper and Pulp

-         Water

-         Automotive



Vortex Datasheet