TrendManager Pro V5 Software Suite

TrendManager Pro V5 Software Suite

TrendManager Pro Software Suite is a PC software package designed to complement the Honeywell family of paperless recorders. The TrendManager Pro Software Suite provides the tools for graphing continuous and batch data, analyzing and archiving data, configuring the paperless recorder products, setting up scheduled uploads of recorder data or doing real-time data acquisition and providing the capability to export the data to other software packages like Excel.

Trend Manager Software Suite ties your process together, serving as the interface to your recorders to get the data over the plant-wide Local Area Network or from the Web. Multi-level, multi-user password protection allows access by various departments with security.













  • The TrendManager Pro Software Suite consists of a number of software packages that build on each other, allowing the user to select exactly the capabilities they require. These include TrendViewer Pro, TrendManager Pro, TrendServer Pro, TrendServer Pro with an OPC Server and a Database Management Tool.
  • TrendViewer Pro - displays and prints electronic data that has been imported from the storage media used in the Honeywell paperless recorders.
  • TrendManager Pro - includes the functionality of the TrendViewer software plus the capabilities to graph, analyze, archive, configure the paperless recorders and export the data in a CSV format to other third party software packages like Excel. TMP includes a Batch Mode facility to use event markers from the recorders or to create these in the TMP data structure in order to do batch data analysis.
  • TrendServer Pro - includes the functionality of the TrendManager software plus the capabilities for full networking of the Honeywell Trendview recorders. This includes remote configuration, FTP uploads, real-time communications, distributed access to the data along with a multi-user, multi-level password system with an audit trail function.
  • TrendServer Pro with OPC Server - includes the functionality of the TrendServer software plus the capabilities of an internal OPC Server for easier interfacing of the paperless recorders to third party HMI software packages that support an OPC Client.
  • Database Management Tool - is a separate software package that comes with the TrendServer Pro software allowing a user to view and manage the various recorder or monthly archive files in the database. The application package allows copying, moving, archiving or deleting individual recorder data or entire databases.



TrendManager Suite Configuration and Specification