STT850 SmartLine Temperature

STT850 SmartLine Temperature

Part of the SmartLine® family of products, the STT850 high performance Temperature transmitter offering high accuracy and stability over a wide range of process and ambient temperatures. The SmartLine family is also tested and compliant with Experion ® PKS providing  highest level of compatibility assurance and integration capabilities. SmartLine easily meets the most demanding needs for temperature measurement applications.

Best in Class Features:

Industry leading performance

Ø  Digital Accuracy up to 0.08 Deg C for RTD*

Ø  Stability up to 0.01% of URL per year for ten years

Ø  125 mSec update time for single input models

Ø  250 mSec update time for dual input models

Ø  Sensor Matching Facility for higher accuracy*


Reliable measurement

Ø  Built in Galvanic Isolation

Ø  Differential/Averaging/Redundant/Split Range measurements

Ø  Dual Compartment Housing

Ø  Sensor Break detection

Ø  Comprehensive on-board diagnostic capabilities

Ø  Full compliance to SIL 2/3 requirements.

Ø  Available with 15 year warranty

Ø  Supports Namur 107* Extended Diagnostics

Ø  Supports Namur 89 Wire break


Lower Cost of Ownership

Ø  Universal input

Ø  Dual sensor option

Ø  Multiple local display capabilities

Ø  Modular construction

Ø  External zero, span, & configuration capability

Ø  Polarity insensitive loop wiring

Ø  Digital Output Option*


Communications/Output Options:

Ø  4-20mA dc

Ø  Honeywell Digitally Enhanced (DE)

Ø  HART ® (version 7.0)

Ø  FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus* compliant to ITK 6.1.1

All transmitters are available with the above listed

communications protocols.




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