Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters

Honeywell's temperature transmitters meet a broad range of temperature measurement needs with exceptional reliability, accuracy and stability with the industry's best warranty.

STT170 Smart Temp

altSTT170 series of programmable temperature transmitters provides cost-effective solutions for temperature monitoring applications, deliver increased accuracy, safety and reliability while reducing wiring costs

STT250 Smart Temp

altSTT250 offers competitive performance in a more compact module & a wider range of smart communications protocols, can be supplied complete with thermocouple/RTD sensors & with a wide range of thermowells

STT850 SmartLine Temp

Honeywell STT850 SmartLine Temperature Transmitter is designed to deliver very high performance across varying ambient temperatures. The total accuracy level of the transmitter including the ambient temperature effect in, harsh industrial environments, allows the STT850 to replace virtually any competitive transmitter available today.

STT800 Transmitter Probe Assemblies

altSTT800 temperature transmitter assemblies meet a broad range of temperature transmitter needs with exceptional reliability, accuracy and stability backed up by the industry’s best warranty

STT17C Configuration Toolkit

altSTT17C includes all software and interface hardware necessary to configure the STT171, STT173 and STT17H transmitters in non-hazardous work environments

MC Toolkit - MCT 404

The Honeywell Multi Communication (MC) ToolKit model MCT404 is a rugged and reliable henheld solution for configuring, calibrating, monitoring and diagnosing smart field instruments. The MC ToolKit application allows you to manage Honeywell DE devices, including SmartLine Transmitters, online as well as offline.