Series 6200 Rotary Piston Actuators

Series 6200 Rotary Piston Actuators

Performance :

-         Ideal high torque

-         Reliability

-         Low hysteresis

-         Light weight

-         Easy maintenance


Design Flexibility :

-         Double acting and spring return acting

-         Single piston and double piston

-         Wide selection of optional accessories available

-         Wide adjustable range (maximum rotating angle - 110°)


Design Integrity :

-         Maximum torque at beginning and another peak torque is produced at 60 - 80 degree in respond to torque of rotating valves.

-         Mounting flange dimensions in accordance with ISO 5211.


Kind of Actuators :

-         Scotch Yoke Type

S(Spring Return Single Cylinder)

D(Double Acting Single Cylinder)

-         Linkage Type

SD(Spring Return Double Cylinder)

DD(Double Acting Double Cylinder)



Rotary Piston Actuator Datasheet