Series 6100 Pneumatically Diaphragm Actuators

Series 6100 Pneumatically Diaphragm Actuators

Performance :

-         Reliability

-         High Power

-         Full response

-         Low Hysteresis

-         Field Reversible


Design Flexibility :

-         Reversible fail action without extra parts in the field.

-         Wide selection of optional accessories available.

-         Compact and simple design.

-         Inviolate rolling diaphragm simplifies actuator design.

-         Variable stroke up to 5".


Design Integrity :

-         Multi spring construction.

-         One piece spindle on top and bottom dry bushing guide.

-         Low stressed alloy steel springs.


Quality Manufacturing :

-         High quality material with trace ability throughout manufacture.

-         Quality Assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001.

-         Comprehensively tested to ensure specified preference on site.



Pneumatically Diaphragm Actuator Datasheet