Series 9310 - V-Notch Ball Valve

Series 9310 - V-Notch Ball Valve

altSeries 9310 V-Notch Ball Valves for:
ANSI 150-300 (PN10-25) 

Series 9310 Valve is Top Entry, Full Bore, Trunnion, and stem ball type v-notched ball valve, which is exclusively designed for excellent proportional control as much as globe type control valves and manual valves.
Series 9310 have special shape of disc which is suitable for accurate throttling control and on-off service not only general fluids but also critical condition in powders, slurry, gummy, fibrous material and other fluids having special characteristics.




  • High Cv body size ratio (Full bore)
  • Controls through 90° rotation
  • Excellent flow control rangeability
  • Easy maintenance
  • ISO standard Mounting Hole

Design Flexibility

  • Direct Mounting Actuator Design Flexibility
  • Control any fluids
  • Flow push seat design
  • Full range of body and trim material options with available of hard facings
  • Seat changeability
  • Dual characteristics (Equal or Linear)
  • Self-cleaning and tight seating
  • Double-eccentric disc options




V-Notch Ball Valve Datasheet