Series 9120 - Seated Angle Valve

Series 9120 - Seated Angle Valve

altSeries 9120 Seated Angle Valves for:

    • -  ANSI 150 - 600
    • -  DIN/BS 4504
    • -  PN10-PN40

The Series 9120 Angle-type control valve is are indispensable to control fluid of high differential pressure, slurry, high viscosity, or adhesive. They are provided with a number of features such as low resistance of passage, antiwear quality within the valve, and easy maintenance and inspection.





  • High Cv to body size ratio.
  • Streamlined flow passages to optimize capacity.
  • High Cv to valve weight ratio.
  • Excellent flow control rangeability.

Design Flexibility

  • Modular construction design available with a range of different connections and styles.
  • All trim components removable from the top for easy of maintenance.
  • Wide range of supplementary noise control options.
  • Inherently characterized trim offered in equal percentage, linear, quick opening and modified-parabolic (options).
  • Multi trim sizes available.
  • Full range of body and trim material options.
  • Fully rationalized and interchangeable features.
  • Full range of bonnet and packing designs to suit various temperatures and fluids.





Seated Angle Valve Datasheet