Gladiator Microwave Switch - Doppler Movement

Gladiator Microwave Switch - Doppler Movement

Principle of Operation

A beam of microwave energy is emitted from a transceiver unit. Tiny amounts of energy from the

beam are reflected backfrom any object or material in the view of the sensor. If the object or

material is moving or flowing, there will be a "Doppler" frequency shift of the reflected signal.

Frequency shift will not occur if the object or material is stationary, or does not reflect any

microwave energy. Any frequency shift is detected by the transceiver unit and used to switch

a relay for indication or control purposes.



Primary Areas of Applications

Ø  Asphalt

Ø  Brewing

Ø  Cement

Ø  Chemical

Ø  Dairy

Ø  Edible oil

Ø  Fertilizer

Ø  Food & Beverage

Ø  Glass

Ø  Mining & Metals

Ø  Oil & Gas

Ø  Packaging

Ø  Paint

Ø  Paper

Ø  Pharmaceutical

Ø  Plastics

Ø  Power Generation

Ø  Refining

Ø  Semiconductor

Ø  Sugar

Ø  Textile

Ø  Water & Wastewater


Doppler Movement Datasheet