EchoSwitch® II LU77/78 Multi-Point Ultrasonic Level Switch

Uses an integrated LCD screen and digital push button configuration.


Switch-Tek™ LP15 SuperGuard Capacitance Level Switch  

Broadly suited for water based conductive liquids with light coating.


Smart Trak™ with Compact Relay Controller

Automatic filling or emptying between two adjustable level switch points.


Switch-Tek&trade LP50 Non-Intrusive Capacitance Level Switch  

Best suited for aqueous based corrosive or ultrapure liquids that are non-coating.


Smart Trak™ with Compact Junction Box 

Intrinsically safe multi-point level detection with one to four adjustable switch points.


Switch-Tek™ LP10 Intrusive Capacitance Level Switch   

An excellent choice for relatively clean, water based conductive liquids.

titleFloat-Point™ AV_6 with Compact Junction Box  

Float-Point provides explosion proof multi-point level detection.

titleSwitch-Tek™ LV20 Mini-Float Level Switch 

For less critical applications with clean water or chemical solutions.


Switch-Pak™ with Compact Relay Controller  

A total solution for high level spill prevention with an integral relay controller.

altSwitch Tek&trade LV3_High-Temp Float Level Switch

For high temperature or pressure applications.


Switch-Pak™ with Compact Junction Box  

A high level spill prevention switch with relay or dry contact closure for interface.

altLC10 Level Switch Compact Relay Controller

The optional brings immediate attention to process conditions.



Switch-Pro™ with Compact Relay Controller

For side wall mounted high or low level switching with an integral relay controller.

altLC4_Level Switch Remote Relay Controller

The issolation controller has built-in intrinsic safety barriers.


Switch-Pro™ with Compact Junction Box  

An intrinsically safe solution with a relay for PLC, SCADA or alarm interface

altSmart Trak™ Multi-Point Level Switch Fitting   

Typically applied in atmospheric day tanks, process vessels

titleSwitch-Tek™ LU10 Ultrasonic Level Switch 

A wide range of liquids including chemical, solvent and petroleum media.

altSwitch-Pak™ Single-Point Level Switch Fitting 

Offered in PVC, PP and PVDF materials.


Switch-Tek™ LZ12 Vibration Level Switch

For wastewater applications including those with light to medium coating,

altStrobe Alert™ LC10 Compact Flash Alarm 

Actuated with our level switch, flow switch or controller product.


Switch-Tek™ LV10 Vertical Buoyancy Level Switch  

Offered in PP or PVDF with a dry contact closure for PLC, SCADA or alarm interface.

altLC05 Compact Junction Box 

The rugged PP enclosure is rated NEMA 4X for use in corrosive environments.

altSwitch-Tek™ LO10 Optic Leak Detection Switch  

Fail-safe optic switch is ideal for detecting leaks or spills in