DeltawaveC-Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

DeltawaveC-Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter

deltawaveC Systec Controls is the brand new universal clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids in filled pipes. deltawaveC uses the highly accurate transit time method (time-of-flight) to measure the flow of liquids in pipes. Special advantage: The ultrasonic transducers are strapped to the outside of the pipe (clamp-on), cutting or drilling of the pipe is not necessary, pressure losses are not present.


Installation and setup within seconds

Precise and simple does not mean any contradiction for deltawaveC.

Installation and setup within seconds

deltawaveC is extremely easy to handle. The user interface of the large graphical display is easy to use even by inexperienced users. With the new quick setup option, the flow measurement can be set up in less than a minute. Online help-texts make the use of the printed manual unnecessary for the majority of your daily tasks. The robust quickfix-mounting kit makes mounting of the sensor precise, fast and stable.


deltawaveC saves time and cost

deltawaves clamp on technology works :

Ø  100% contact free with the liquid

Ø  100% wear and tear free

Ø  100% leackage save

Ø  100% hygenic

Ø  100% free of pressure loss

By this and by the fact, that deltawaveC-P includes datalogger and battery power, it is the ideal portable flowmeter.


Accurate, Drift-Free, Robust

deltawaveC-P measures by using the extreme accurate ultrasonic transit time method.

In this method, the measure rate is very high, typical 50-150 times per second. The high number of measurements can be performed by using the advantage of modern digital signal processing. deltawaveC-P is drift-free and reliable. Even with sophisticated measurements where the liquid contains gas or particles.


Typical Applications

1)     Powerplants

·         Cooling water

·         District heating

·         Pump control

2)     Water- and sewage

·         In- and outlet of sewage plants

·         Drinkwater networks, custody flowmeter check

·         Pump controls

3)     HVAC

·         Hot- and cold Water

·         Cooling and Heating distributiuon

·         Optimization of energy networks

·         Pump control and regulation

4)     Petrochenmistry

·         Raw- and light oil

·         Water and Sewage

·         Aggressive and toxic fluids

·         Mesurement of heating fluis such as thermal oil

5)     Food Industries

·         Hygenic measurement of all Liquids

·         Heatmesurements



DeltawaveC-Portable Brochure


DeltawaveC-Portable User Manual