Free Chlorine Sensor

Free Chlorine Sensor

The FCL series Free Chlorine sensors utilize amperometric technology for real time Free Chlorine measurements. Applications include water treatment disinfection and free chlorine generators. These sensors integrate a temperature element for ATC and provide a fixed temperature compensated 4-20mA output. A power supply voltage of 12-24VDC is required. The FCL-502 is designed for 0-2ppm measurements and the FCL510 features a measuring range of 0-10ppm. The newest addition to this line is the FCL-505 which measures 0-5ppm. Membrane caps are easily replaceable. Electrolyte is also available and should be used to refill the membrane cap when replaced. The sensor's body is constructed of Black PVC. A specialized acrylic flow cell (FC72) provides a controlled flow environment for stability.


The FCL series Free Chlorine sensors are available for real time 0-2 ppm, 0-5 ppm, and 0-10 ppm measurements. An isolated 4-20 mA output offers versatility in interfacing these sensors.



Ø  Amperometric Sensor Technology

Ø  Real Time Continuous Measurement

Ø  Ranges: 0-2, 0-5 or 0-10ppm

Ø  Built-In Temperature Compensation

Ø  Large Electrolyte Reservoir

Ø  Replaceable Membrane and Electrolyte




Free Chlorine Sensor Datasheet


Free Chlorine Sensor Manual