DL5000 Dissolved Oxygen Equilibrium Probe

Honeywell's DL 5000 Dissolved Oxygen probe is based on a unique and patented equilibrium probe technology that is accurate, reliable and maintenance-free.

This patented equilibrium probe technology is based on the partial pressure of oxygen rather than the diffusion rate of oxygen through the probe membrane. The materials of construction combined with this unique design result in a no-internal maintenance probe that is independent of process flow and fouling.

The DL5000 is housed in either a stainless steel or PVC casing to suit your specific application needs. The stainless steel probe offers the opportunity to choose the quick disconnect feature for in-line applications. This feature provides the flexibility to change only the probe after the initial installation. This eliminates the need to unwire and wire a new cell to the analyzer as the original cable can be reused.

The DL5000 is available as an integral probe used with the DirectLine 424 or 425 sensor modules or as a remote probe with a cable.  The remote DL5000 probe can be used with the DirectLine 424 or 425 sensor module or with Honeywell's UDA2182 Universal Dual Channel Analyzer.

DL5000 represents field proven technology in the measurement of Dissolved Oxygen in power utility, industrial and municipal waste water treatment.



  • Unaffected by fouling or changes in sample flow
  • Unique equilibrium probe technology
  • Reduced maintenance costs - no periodic replacement of anode or electrolyte
  • Heavy duty membrane - eliminates replacement requirements
  • Rugged PVC or 316 stainless steel construction
  • Immersion, insertion or flow –through mountings
  • Process temperature measurement
  • PVC or Stainless Steel Body
  • Options for Immersion, in -line and flow- through types of installation.
  • Quick disconnect option available for stainless steel probes used in in-line applications. Mating cables are available in 2m, 3m, 6m, 15m and 30m lengths



DL5000 Datasheet