HPW7000 HiPurity pH Measurement System

The HPW7000 HiPurity Water pH Measurement System is an electrode mounting assembly designed specifically for the difficult pH measurement in high-purity water applications. The special flow chamber and electrode mounting simplifies installation and calibration while providing a pH measurement that is unsurpassed in accuracy and stability.

The HPW7000 combines a specially designed stainless steel flow chamber with a measuring/reference electrode system and integral temperature sensor/solution ground. This mounting assembly provides accurate and stable pH measurement in low conductivity (<10 mmho/cm) water.

The specially designed flow chamber optimizes the sample flow volume and creates the proper flow and mixing patterns to make the most accurate and stable pH measurement. The flow chamber cover is keyed and the electrode position is fixed so that the user will continue to get the same superior measurement results every time a calibration or replacement is done. A quick opening clamp holds the electrodes in place in the flow chamber. Removing and reinstalling the electrodes for calibration is quick and easy with this clamp mechanism.

A flowing reference electrode is used to provide high accuracy and minimize calibration offset errors. A new flowing reference electrode design uses less electrolyte and does not require a large head pressure. This makes the mounting more compact in water sample panels where space is at a premium. Electrode cables of up to 36 feet eliminate the need for mounting preamplifiers on the assembly. All electrode terminations are internal to the analyzer and are protected by the analyzer case. The electrode cables are all shielded to reduce the susceptibility to noise and make the measurement more stable.



  • Accurate pH measurement in difficult to measure low ionic samples
  • Improved noise immunity for more stable output signals
  • Easy to install, ensuring correct operation and maximum performance
  • Reduced calibration and maintenance time and cost with a unique quick-clamp top cover that allows the electrodes to be easily mounted or removed without tools or special instructions
  • Lower maintenance costs with a new reference electrode that's easy to fill right at the assembly and maximizes the time between refills
  • Industry benchmark for accuracy and stability--guaranteed
  • Small assembly that can be panel or surface mounted reducing panel size



HPW7000 Datasheet


HPW7000 Maintenance Manual