DL2000 Meredian pH Electrode Mountings

Honeywell's DL2000 Series of glass pH electrodes enables users to interface to a process by either immersing the electrode or mounting it into a ¾" threaded connection. Meredian II pH electrodes offer a reliable combination of measuring and reference electrodes together with an integral automatic temperature compensator in a one-piece, corrosion-resistant molded Ryton body. The large surface area of the reference junction resists fouling and maintains reliable low-impedance contact with the process solution. The reference junction's symmetrical annular shape surrounding the measuring element minimizes the effects of electrical current passing through the process solution. This offers a significant improvement when compared with unsymmetrical electrode designs that develop large offset potentials and prohibit pH measurements in applications such as electroplating tanks or electrolytic cells.

Honeywell's DirectLine transmitter modules are the next generation family of analytical transmitters.  Unique architecture in the DirectLine transmitters combines the latest in microelectronics technology with the proven performance of Honeywell's unique sensing technologies, providing unequaled savings during installation, startup, operation and maintenance.  For pH measurement the DirectLine transmitter modules can be mounted integrally or remotely with the DL2000 Meredian glass pH electrode.

The DirectLine architecture consists of an electronics transmitter module and a sensor which may be mounted integral to the transmitter or remotely eliminating the need and added cost of a separate analyzer or transmitter. The transmitter modules are intrinsically safe, in a weatherproof, corrosion-resistant sealed composite enclosure.

Completing the system is a unique Honeywell sensor connected to the sensor side of the transmitter and a 4-20 mA weatherproof output cable on the power/output side. The transmitter is design for outside use in harsh environments where moisture, dust and chemical attack may be present.  For submersion or special mounting applications, a remote mounting option is available which connects the electronics module to the Meredian electrode via a cable. The module can be mounted on a 2" pipe, wall or DIN rail.

Signal output of the DirectLine transmitter is a standard 4-20madc output proportional to pH in the range of  0 - 14.0 which may be connected to any host monitor or control device that accept 4-20 mA loop powered inputs.



DL2000 Meredian II pH Electrodes

  • Glass formulations designed for uncompromised performance.
  • Rugged combination electrodes with fast responding integral automatic temperature compensator.
  • Molded, chemically resistant Ryton body.
  • Suitable for in-line and submersion applications; may be mounted in any position.
  • Large reference electrode volume uses a true gel fill that maintains high viscosity with temperature.
  • Plug-in modular design allows probe to be safely removed and replaced without cycling power on  the electronics module.


DirectLine Transmitter

  • Plug-in modular design allows probe to be safely removed and replaced without cycling power on the electronics module.
  •  ½" NPT conduit Connection gives increased protection and noise immunity of output cable.
  • Local display and keypad facilitates quick set-up, calibration, and operational activities.
  • Electronics and probe diagnostics reduces troubleshooting times.
  • Sample calibration reduces calibration time.
  • Playing card-sized guide facilitates simple, correct, and consistent calibration and configuration.
  • Watertight sensor connection for reliability in submersion applications.
  • Global approvals:

– UL General Purpose
– CSA General Purpose
– IP66 Enclosure
– NEMA4X Enclosure
– CE
– FM Class I, Div 1 (Intrinsically Safe)
– FM Class I, Div 2 (non-incendive field wiring).

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