DL1000 Durafet Mountings for DirectLine Sensor Modules

Durafe electrodes feature state-of- the- art pH measurement technology, using an ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) sensing element. This virtually unbreakable, industrial solid-state pH electrode provides especially fast response for improved product quality. Durafet sensors produce a direct low impedance pH signal for outstanding reliability even at low temperatures and with no sodium error or ORP interference.

The Durafet pH electrode incorporates a replaceable reference junction frit and gel, assuring long life even in the most highly fouling applications.

Process connectivity is made easy by using different styles of mounting options. These include accessories that allow for installation of the electrodes directly into the process pipework, insertion and removal of the electrode without the need to stop the process, and a ¾" NPT thread on the electrode facilitates connection to immersion pipework. 

The electrode is a combination type, incorporating the measuring ISFET, reference electrode and an NTC 8.5KOhm temperature compensator all within a 1” diameter electrode body. The electrode material of construction and all wetted parts can be installed the same process environments as glass pH electrodes with the added advantage of:

  • Faster speed of response to changes of process pH (up to 10 times faster).
  • Replacement reference electrolyte
  • No Sodium Ion interference.
  • More rugged and durable than glass.

DL1000 pH electrode in combination with DL421 pH transmitter, either directly or remotely mounted offer an ideal end user solution to on - line pH measurement. Installation, maintenance and performance cost savings are assured.



  • ISFET technology provides an exceptionally fast response (up to 10 times faster than glass pH  electrodes) for improved product quality.
  • Virtually unbreakable electrode assuring lower replacement costs and inventory reduction.
  • Reference junction frit and gel are replaceable for longer electrode life. The Gel Refill kit contains
    all the parts required for complete electrode refurbishment in one cost effective package.
  • Low impedance pH signal for improved product reliability.
  • One electrode for entire pH and temperature ranges, with accessories for fitting into different process installations results in lower inventory costs.
  • Easy hook - up to DL transmitter when used directly or remotely reduces loop installation costs.
  • Direct or remote connection to the DL transmitter to meet customer engineering needs.
  • Plug-in modular design allows electrode to be safely removed and replaced without cycling
    power on the electronics module.
  • Waterproof connection when directly mounted to DL transmitter.