HB Series pH/ORP Electrodes

Honeywell's HB Series of electrode mountings are designed for high temperature, high pressure and harsh chemical applications.

The HB Series electrodes offer the unique Axial Ion Path (patented by Barben Analyzer Technology) reference technology. 

  • Axial Ion Pathways prevent poisoning
  • Axial Ion Path sealing rings prevent internal plugging and insure against internal leaks
  • Glass breakage and leak pathways during manufacture eliminated - no more DOA sensors
  • Complete filling of reference body allows extreme temperature and pressure tolerance
  • Non-polymerized electrolyte insures compatibility with all chemistries
  • Large-area, liquid junction slows the buildup of coatings and reduces sensor drift
  • Long life in both low and high pH applications

The HB Series of electrodes has three designs:

  • HB546 is designed for threaded in-line or submerged operations. The HB546 is designed with 3/4" MNPT threaded nose for installation into process, sample line or automatic cleaning system.  The insertion depth user specifiable to ensure the sensor will fit into the process.
  • HB547 is designed for use with specified ball valve assemblies. The electrode is available with 1" MNPT Wrench-tite, or 1-1/4" MNPT Hand-tite compression fittings.
  • HB551 is designed for use as a quick change sensor. 1" MNPT threaded adapter for installation into process, sample line or automatic cleaning system. The HB551 sensor comes with a nut-loc retainer for quick removal and replacement.

The HB Series of electrodes join Honeywell's industry-proven Meredian glass pH electrodes and Durafet ISFET (glass-free) pH electrodes to offer a complete solution for all pH needs.







  • Uses Axial Ion Path reference technology
  • Suitable for in-line and submersion applications; may be mounted in any position
  • Integral automatic temperature compensator
  • Chemically resistant CPVC, Kynar or polypropylene body
  • Entirely customizable to fit the process:
    • Body Material
    • O-Ring Material
    • Measuring Electrode
    • Tip Configuration
    • Thermo-compensation
    • Insertion Depth
    • Cable Configuration
    • Lead Terminations
  • Great for high temperature and high pressure applications
  • Can be used in both low and high pH conditions
  • Retrofittable to existing pH instrumentation
  • Rugged, quick change, quick clean
  • Compatible with most industrial transmitters and analyzers



HB546 pH Datasheet


HB547 pH Datasheet


HB551 pH Datasheet