7794DVP Sanitary Durafet III pH Mountings

Honeywell defines state-of-the-art pH measurement with the Durafet pH electrode, a non-glass, unbreakable, Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET)-based pH sensor. This industry proven pH electrode, with over 14 years of application experience, provides fast, accurate and dependable pH measurement in the most demanding applications. The Durafet electrodes include a connector, enabling easy and reliable electrode replacement without twisting of cables.

The Sanitary Durafet III electrode is designed to meet 3-A Sanitary Standards. Solid state ISFET technology eliminates the conventional, fragile glass pH sensor. The unbreakable pH sensor can be inserted directly into the process without the fear of product contamination. pH measurement can be online and continuous-no time-consuming grab sampling is necessary. This pH electrode design, with over 12 years of industry-proven application experience, provides fast, accurate and dependable pH measurement in the most demanding food and dairy applications.

The Sanitary Durafet III pH electrode has an integral, tri-clamp flange for easy mounting in the process. The Sanitary Durafet III is available in 1 ½", 2" and 3" flange sizes. Cable options are available for remote mounting to the innovative Honeywell DirectLine Sensor Module. It is also available with the Cap Adapter cable for connection to Honeywell instrumentation (UDA2182 and APT 2000/4000 Series), as well as selected third-party suppliers' instrumentation. All cable options use the Vario Pin connector that provides an IP68 waterproof connection to the electrode. 



  • Designed to meet rigorous environmental requirements of the food and dairy industries
  • Authorized to use the 3-A symbol
  • Rugged- does not employ conventional glass membrane, uses ISFET, solid state sensor
  • New Vario Pin quick disconnect, IP68 waterproof cable for easy electrode installation/replacement
  • Reference electrode and compensating temperature sensor integral with electrode
  • Remote mounting option for DirectLine sensor
  • Connection capability to standard tri-clamp fittings
  • Choice of 20' or 50' cable lengths
  • Six models available with varying flange size and immersion lengths



7794 Sanitary Durafet pH Electrode Datasheet