Herculink Software

HercuLink Software Lowers Ownership Cost

HercuLinkÔÇ× software enables access to programming and communication functions using RS485/Modbus communications that is standard with the HercuLine 2001, 2002, 10260S and 11280S actuators. Using a laptop, desktop PC or a Palm PDA, HercuLink software with a RS232/485 converter allows you to configure, calibrate and access actuator information. By using this software, you can eliminate the added expense of the local keypad and display HMI. HercuLink software is designed to run on Windows 2000 or XP operating systems as well as on a Palm PDA.

HAL (Honeywell Actuator Linkage) software

HAL software helps size, select and install your Honeywell actuator. The software lets you choose the actuator and design the linkage that best fits your application.



Control, configure, calibrate or access maintenance information using HercuLink software:

  • Access single or multiple networked devices to:
    • Configure and calibrate one device - download the setup to multiple units to save installation time
    • Easily access hard-to-reach devices by running a cable to a convenient location and plugging in your PC for access
    • Reduce purchase cost by not having to select the keypad and display option
    • Reduce spare inventory by storing setups and downloading to a spare unit for seamless replacements
    • Setup maintenance planning or trending by saving the maintenance data in CSV format and displaying it on your computer



HercuLink User Manual