Herculine® 2000 Series Actuators

altHoneywell's Herculine® 2000 series actuators are low-torque (50 to 400 lb-in), precision electric actuators incorporating all of the easy-to-use, high-quality and reliable features of traditional HercuLine actuators, ensuring processes operate at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime and lowest lifetime cost. They are industrial rated and engineered for very precise positioning of dampers and valves. They perform especially well in extremely demanding environments requiring continuous duty, high reliability and low maintenance.

Herculine 2000 series actuators incorporate all of the high quality and reliable features of the traditional HercuLine actuators with the added benefits of a microprocessor-based Enhanced Electronics Unit (EEU). These benefits make it easier to set up and maintain the actuator and allows the customer to monitor the health of the actuator for proactive maintenance planning.



  • Enclosure – Rugged, die-cast aluminum NEMA 4X industrial grade enclosure
  • Motor – No burnout motor can be stalled up to 100 hours without damage to the actuator
  • Limit Switches – Two end-of-travel electric limit switches are supplied as standard equipment with all HercuLine® 2000 series actuators
  • RS485/Modbus RTU Communication - Modbus RTU communication is standard allowing seamless networking of Honeywell control products
  • Alarm Functions – Alarms may be assigned to relay outputs or may be accessed through the Modbus network. Alarms can be triggered from stall, temperature limits, motor cycle count, out of automatic mode, digital input, position, input failure, position sensor failure, power up failure and more.
  • Characterization – Programmable linear, equal percentage, quick opening or user-configured 20-point characterization
  • Failsafe – The actuator can be programmed to drive open, closed, remain in-place, or drive to a user specified position on loss of input signal or position sensor.
  • Split Range Operation – Programmable and infinitely adjustable
  • Factory Calibration – Stored in nonvolatile memory and can be restored at any time
  • Digital Input Override – A digital input is provided that can be programmed to drive the actuator open, closed, remain in place or to a user-specified position on contact closure for emergency situations
  • Health Monitoring – A standard feature on all HercuLine Smart actuators accumulates information about actuator operation. The information can be used to evaluate and determine predicted or scheduled maintenance periods. Parameters monitored are accumulated stall time, exceeded thermal operating rating of the actuator, and number of motor starts in a region of travel, total travel and current actuator travel.
  • Input Filter Setting – Four programmable combinations - none, spike, low pass, or spike + low pass filter
  • Configuration Security – Password protection is provided to prevent tampering, allowing users to lock out some, all or no groups of setup parameters
  • Direction of Rotation – Programmable
  • Input Signals – 0/4 to 20 mA, 0/1 to 5 Vdc, 0 to 10 Vdc, Digital RS485 Modbus RTU protocol or series 90 control
  • Output Signals – 0/4 to 20 mA, 0/1 to 5 Vdc or slidewire emulation
  • Accurate Positioning – Motor/gear train provides accurate positioning with almost instantaneous start/stop characteristics
  • Stall Alarm – Provides alarm output in the event of actuator stall due to overload
  • Herculink Software – Loaded onto the user’s Palm PDA device the software enables the PDA to function as a handheld configuration, calibration and master device. In addition, maintenance information may be stored and later loaded in CSV format to the user’s computer for maintenance tracking.
  • HART Communication – Optional HART communications provides access to calibration, configuration and maintenance data. In addition, the HART communications option is structured to work with the HART asset management features.
  • Local HMI Configuration – Optional keypad and high intensity display is available. The display may be rotated in 90° increments for actuator mounting orientations other than horizontal.
  • Non-Contact Position Sensing (NCS) – HercuLine 2002 only. The technology is a variable inductance, non-contact position sensor mounted directly to the actuator output shaft providing precision position sensing from 0 to 150 degrees. This technology eliminates maintenance items such as wipers, bearings, as well as static friction, hysteresis and electrical noise over a wide range of demanding environmental conditions. Typically used in very demanding applications where downtime is not an option.
  • Slidewire Emulation Circuit (SEC) – HercuLine® 2001/2002 only. The Slidewire Emulation Circuit (SEC) emulates the proportional voltage output of a typical slidewire through a high impedance circuit. The voltage output is proportional to the supply voltage and shaft position. A non-contact position sensor is used to determine shaft position in place of the slidewire. Typically used in very demanding applications where downtime is not an option.
  • Auxiliary Relay Outputs – Programmable relay outputs can be used in place of auxiliary switch outputs to provide additional functionality such as indication of alarm status, control of other equipment or to indicate position.
  • Battery Powered 232/485 Converter and Cable – Used to connect the Palm PDA to the HercuLine actuator for communication



Herculine 2000 Series Actuator Overview and Specification