UDA2182 Universal Dual Analyzer

The UDA2182 Universal Dual Analyzer represents the latest in analyzer technology by providing the most versatile multiple-input analyzer package on the market for measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. The mix-and match input card design, local language, menu-driven configuration, at-a-glance display, Ethernet communications and wireless IR interface make this one of the easiest analyzers to operate and maintain.

Built on a long legacy of Honeywell expertise in electronics design, performance and reliability, this new platform delivers more power, flexibility and performance that its predecessors. These enhancements and ease of use enable Honeywell to deliver more value to our customers.



  • UDA2182 Measurements - Input cards are available in pH (Glass and Durafet), ORP, Contacting Conductivity Dissolved Oxygen (ppm and ppb).  They can be mixed in any combination of up to two inputs or a single input.   Input cards plug & play and pre-calibrated at the factory to ensure accuracy of measurement.
  • Display/Operator interface - the UDA2182 uses a graphic backlit LCD display that provides clear, bright and wide angle viewing even in direct sunlight.  Multiple displays screens are provided and are dependent upon the configuration selected.  All key indicators are available in one view saving time paging through menus.
  • Control - the UDA2182 comes standard with on/off control and has an optional PID control that provides two channels of full PID control with Honeywell Accutune algorithms.
  • Wireless IR interface and PIE (Process Instrument Explorer) - the standard IR port combined with the Honeywell PIE software enables wireless configuration, upload/download/saving of configurations, online/offline configurations, import/export of configurations, and documentation configuration.  These features allow you to get up and running faster with fewer mistakes, enabling faster field replacements and upgrades with 100% accuracy, maintains NEMA4X integrity while performing calibration, set-up, and configuration.
  • Communications - provides both RS485 and Ethernet communication. Web pages provide users with real-time data from remote locations.
  • Isolation - Inputs and outputs are isolated eliminating common maintenance problems associated with ground loop and noise.
  • Multiple Language Prompts - languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian) are selectable from the maintenance menu providing a truly global solution.



UDA2182 Datasheet